Our Mission

"To provide our students with the absolute best instruction and facilities, in the cleanest, friendliest, most professional environment possible."


CSA is committed to providing a proactive, friendly environment for our members to achieve their personal goals in self defense, combative sports and physical fitness. We seek to enhance the quality of life in our community through our diverse and affordable fitness philosophy that is administered by our well-trained staff.


The CSA Facility is over 5,000sf of World Class training equipment and mat space and professionally cleaned multiple times each day. Our facility is state of the art and geared towards individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether your goal is simply to get in shape with some of our CrossFit classes, or to get yourself ready for three rounds in the octagon at the next UFC event, the CSA training center has what you are looking for. The entire family can come to get fit and healthy in a supportive environment.


CSA is more than just a place to enhance you’re physical fitness and or develop skills in martial arts. By joining CSA, you instantly become a member of not only the gym but of the family and community that is the foundation of the gym’s friendly, family orientated atmosphere. At our facility you will find a community that is receptive to any and all skill levels and physical fitness levels. Our members embrace each other as they train together to achieve their personal goals with the guidance of our professional coaching staff.


Stop by CSA today and check us out! Our facility and class structure are set up to accommodate students of all skill levels. It is our highest priority that regardless of your experience, skill set, or athletic ability, each individual is comfortable in their training environment at CSA. From beginners to our World Class athletes, our elite training camp at CSA is the place for you. Please contact us for training information, and change your life starting today!
We look forward to training with you!? - Combat Sports Academy