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Wrestling is an ancient and international sport which has gained respect among martial arts practitioners with the advent of modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition. Wrestling has provided a strong base for many of the most dominant fighters in the history of MMA.

CSA offers wrestling classes as part of our integrated Mixed Martial Arts program and provides wrestlers of all ages with top level technical instruction. At CSA our Wrestling program is headed up by James Terry, James is highly decorated 2X All American Wrestler and successful Professional Mixed Martial Artist

The disciplines we teach include Greco Roman, International Freestyle, and Folk (American Collegiate) Style wrestling. Participants in these classes will take their wrestling to the next level. High school wrestlers can realize their potential by practicing year-round. These classes are also perfect for Mixed Martial Artists who want to improve their wrestling base, his or her takedowns and takedown defense, to build strength and endurance, and to ultimately build confidence through the ability to dictate where the fight takes place.

CSA wrestling classes begins with stretching and a warm up of drills and exercises designed to reinforce proper technique. Students learn technique as a group before breaking off into pairs to drill with a partner. The drilling section of class is technique-oriented and closely supervised for safety and correct form. The next part of the class focuses on sparring or "live" wrestling. Students are divided into pairs based on size, ability, and experience. Common live wrestling scenarios include "situations", where both partners start in a specific position, timed matches, and group or "round robin" work designed to increase stamina. Class ends with conditioning, live wrestling, and games/drills designed to build camaraderie and a sense of team.